International shipping

International freight transport

International maritime transport is the main means of transporting goods around the world; By this means products are mobilized daily in large quantities of goods in containers or grantees that travel long distances, their high competitiveness allows them to be transported in a large volume regardless of their liquid, solid or gaseous state. Get to know them all and learn to choose the right one for your merchandise.

Characteristics of international freight transport

Large capacity: Large masses of granules or containers can be transported. Today’s largest container ships have a capacity of up to 18,000 TEUs, equivalent to 165,000 TPM.

International reach: It is the best means of moving large volumes of goods between two geographically distant points. In addition, it allows the combination of maritime transport with other means of transport.

Flexibility and versatility: Flexibility due to the possibility of employing ships from versatility because ships of various sizes have been built, adapted to all types of cargo; In addition to the traditional freighters, there are container ships, methane vessels, for rolling cargo, for refrigerated cargo, for solid granules.

Types of international shipping

Container holders.- They are special vessels designed with cell divisions capable of carrying thousands of containers of different types such as conventional, refrigerator, flexitank or flexibag (read more of this here) and isotank or isotanques (read more of this here).

Bulk carriers.- Designed for the transport of bulk goods from minerals to grains, cereals and substances in large volumes.

General cargo ships.- Designed for the transport of various goods regardless of their condition, general cargo, bulk, containers or liquid by means of small tanks located in compartments.

Heavy-duty vessels.- These ships with special characteristics are designed for the transport of parts or objects of high volume, dimension or weight.

Rolling ships.- Vessel of special application, are characterized by having a folding door for the entry of the goods, are commonly used for the transport of vehicles, trucks or rolling cargo

Chemisate vessels.- These vessels have double hulls and are dedicated to the transport of chemicals or flammable products.

There are a variety of options within the freight transport, so we recommend advising you on the best and thus maximize all your deliveries.

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