Air freight transport

Transportation plays an important role within the logistics chain, basically in procurement and distribution processes; however, these at the same time are closely related to production processes and, for that reason, transport from the logistics chain cannot be isolated

In very competitive markets delivery times are often very strict. Delivering a commodity late or defectively can mean losing a customer, so proper coordination of all activities, from the start of an operation until it is finished, is a fundamental task.

Transport and logistics is a very complex sector that has a very significant impact on prices, the environment and energy consumption. Globalization means transporting more and more products over longer distances and with better financial results.


Air transport logistics

Advantages in air logistics

Air transport has the great advantage of speed. It is a widely used route to reach inaccessible markets and for the transport of perishable or valuable products in relation to their weight. It tends to be the most expensive of means of transport in relation to weight and is frequently used for the transport of samples.

In addition, its use is relatively simple and logistics are less complex than that of maritime transport. The goods are delivered to the cargo terminal of the airline with which the space has been reserved and the space is responsible for the main transport. Many airlines have their own freight pick-up service to the terminal.


Limitations on air operations


Air transport is subject to limitations in size, both in size and weight, due to the size of aircraft access doors and the maximum weight per surface. Although international fares are established on most airlines according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), in practice, due to intense competition, airlines offer different prices through discounts special or other formulas.


In Grupo Griska we have a specialized and highly trained air transport service, we reach all markets, no matter where they are we transfer loose and consolidated goods on behalf of our customers.

Our operating locations span the most important global purchasing and distribution markets.

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