Digitization in International Logistics

Digitalization in Logistics

For some years now, the Internet has been shaping itself as the best model for management in the supply chain for different reasons: it is an open, low-cost network that can be used to obtain accurate data or information from the global market and in turn helps to reso to effectively meet the challenges that are presented to us.

In International Logistics (Here we leave you an article of logistics in Mexico) are several tools that digitization gives us, all this facilitates the new way in which operations are managed and helps to improve their main elements: communication, time and costs.

Digital communication

While cost is one of the most important elements within logistics, this is not always the determining factor for the selection of suppliers and services, since having good and fast communication between supplier and customer becomes a better weapon. It is important that suppliers understand the needs of each of their customers and make the necessary adjustments within their organization to meet their expectations.

For this, companies are forced to encourage more effective communication, which allows the supplier to know all the needs of their customers and with this provide a better level service.

Customer service in the digital age

Markets are becoming more competitive and demanding and the new communication channels have been born in response to a remarkable improvement in the process that involves logistics. Nowadays companies and / or businesses can grow or fail according to the ability they have to identify, define, monitor and act on the needs of the client, that is why being in continuous contact is indispensable.

It's important to find the right communication channel for each of our customers, social media, chat and app deployment are just some of the most used tools today.

The logistics sector is one of the most important in the economy of each country due to the impact of exports and imports, for this reason it is a need to evolve at the pace of new technologies.

At Grupo Griska we understand the need of our customers and that is why we have implemented digital tools that allow us to have information in real time to guarantee quality logistics with a personalized service.

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