What is palletizing?

With the logistical needs posed by globalization of markets, the quest for competitiveness requires that processes, as well as the products and services that make up and flow along the Supply Chains, behave with the highest standards, demanding simplicity and agility, reducing operational costs in order to consolidate customer relations which results in guarantees for the end consumer.


The "Pallet", "Pallet" or "Stiba" is a horizontal platform, of a structure defined to market needs, of minimum height compatible with material handling equipment (forklifts, stevedores), used as a base for assembly, the storage, handling and transport of goods and cargo and allowing several unwieldy, heavy or bulky objects to be handled and stored in a single movement.


-Decreased preparation times and loading of vehicles.

-Lower loading and unloading costs.

-Decreased attention time on receipt by up to 80%.

-Increased productivity.

-Less handling of products.

-Optimization of available space and ease of rotation of what is stored.

-Promotes better relationships between suppliers and merchants.

– Decrease in breakdowns by handling products.

-More efficient use of the transport fleet

-Best image of the products at the point of sale.

-Higher speed and stability when stoling on other products.

-Greater safety for personnel involved in the handling of goods.

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