How to ensure a successful import

Many of the entrepreneurs undertake in the Import, motivated by the low prices of an input commodity or product abroad. By making your purchases at low prices you will be saved in production costs and also make your product more competitive in the market.

Then why don't you start caring?

Import is a key activity in the growth of a company as long as it develops correctly.

The success you want to achieve when performing an import operation will depend mainly on the correct selection of suppliers.

It is important to note that prices abroad will always be very fluctuating, so it is super important to consider all these costs.

If you have not previously done or contracted a good product study containing a list of suppliers with the best prices, you will find that prices may vary within a reasonable margin. And that big offer will seem suspicious to you then.

Before importing a product you should request Who is the supplier? Where is your company located? Are there any pictures of the facility? Photos or samples of the product you want to buy? Basic data such as phone, website and preferably that information was sent by a trusted person.

Not checking the supplier and buying only by price, are among the most frequent errors in the import, also, avoid the time and number of licenses and customs, buy the first one that is on hand, do not plan the importation of the goods, do not have in counts the exchange rate among others.

If it's your first import, even if it's your fifth import, hire the services of a specialized company. Remember that saving a little money can cost you a lot in the end.

So there you have it, make sure you spend some adequate time plotting the logistics of your operation and thus ensure its success.

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