Risks in foreign trade and how to minimise them

In addition to considering common barriers and mistakes, another topic to discuss before starting an internationalization project is the series of risks that we can face that can cause severe economic and image damage.

We leave you a list of the most common risks and possible ways to avoid them.

Check list of risks in operations to the external market

Foreign exchange risk: currency devaluation.

Precautions to take: purchase exchange insurance or set in the contract.

Risk of demand variation: an economic crisis, the entry of a strong competitor, an increase in barriers to import, the introduction of new technologies etc.

Precautions to take: careful market selection, constant monitoring, market diversification.

Risk of changes in the selling price: the price may vary by competition policies.

Precautions to take: market and competition monitoring.

Risk of non-payment: for various reasons the customer or the customer's country does not pay.

Precautions to take: carefully select the market and partner, make contracts reviewed by specialists, monitor the economic situation of the importing country.

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