Retention of goods at customs

What to do if customs holds your merchandise?

At the time of entry the goods will go through a review process where a corresponding color is assigned to the green, yellow and red traffic light; In case there is no problem the communication of customs will be code green and proceed with the release of the goods.

The retention of goods is usually the result of an inspection at the place of destination, this depends on the type of customs. There are 49 customs distributed in the country so they can be maritime, border and in the interior of the republic. Read more here

Inspections can be of documents, when the so-called orange code is activated, or the load, the so-called red code. In both cases, customs agents may retain the goods if there are irregularities. The system is usually random, and for this reason, a transitor agent (shipper or freight agent) is usually sorted out of this issue.

In case of an incident you have to follow the following steps to get your goods released.

Complete documentation

Regularly this problem is based on the lack of any documents and, consequently, the customs authorities cannot agree to the operation. In this case, the exporter will have to submit the pending documentation to the customs office within a maximum period of 15 days corresponding to the reporting period.

Lifting the merchandise

It is given if the goods are defective, does not comply with the DUA (Single Administrative Document) or is a product not authorized by the receiving country; in case of this situation the exporter will be responsible for covering the costs to withdraw the goods and must be responsible for the lifting, although it is normal to have taken out insurance.

Judicial claim

In the event of a disagreement between the exporter and the customs authorities, the process will continue administratively, however, this scenario is very problematic because the characteristics and type of goods have to be taken into account, occasions can be perishable products that can be spoiled for the duration of the process.

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The customs agent as well as the cargo agent are key pieces that will carry your process ordered and in accordance with the law guaranteeing the success of your operation.

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