Reforestation of Cerro de Moctezuma

As part of one of the monthly events we hold in support of the environment and social responsibility, we share a little more than the 2017 edition at the Reforestación del Cerro de Moctezuma and that will soon have its 2018 edition.

This event achieved the planting of 5 thousand trees of the species oak, ash, tejocote and capulín, on 8 hectares of Cerro de Moctezuma, with the participation of citizens and civil organizations in addition to organizations such as PROBOSQUE, CEPANAF, Red Cross, Boy Scouts Mexico province Naucalpan, Hands on Earth, Volunteers Mexico, Brisa, Organik, Rotarac Florida Satellite, Mission Hotels, Green Hat A.C., Calpulli Totoltepec, Nacel Arcoíris, Animal Presence, Moctezuma Alliance, Neighborhood Chain, City Satellite T.V. and Bora A.C, and of course the Griska family, who participate in the reforestation of the place, which represents a lung in this town.

In the event attended by more than 250 people, a pre-Hispanic ceremony was held in honor of Mother Earth, in addition activities such as yoga classes, concerts, an archaeological tour, as well as various workshops.

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