How to reduce transportation costs

Day by day, foreign trade is constantly changing using more and more tools that help maximize and efficient import and export logistics. There are many factors that can help cost minimisation, in group Griska we believe that technology is a fundamental tool to optimize the processes that providegreater visibility to implement strategies that help in reducing time and Costs.


Factors that help maximisation in logistics


Market knowledge

Knowing international market rates can help generate savings, have a better understanding of all related costs and thus determine the right mode of transportation. This will depend on the type of goods or services that are required to be transported and the distance of the trip.

Knowing transportation costs will help us understand the best option based on budget and delivery times.

Using more than one type of transport

Combinations of air, sea and land transport (multimodal transport) can reduce transport costs.

Choose a good logistics operator

Using a good logistics operator can ensure that shipping procedures are fully analyzed and the supply chain is better managed. This can significantly reduce costs and save time.


Using new technologies

The benefits of adopting these types of technologies that allow the operator to have all the information needed, no matter where in the organization, are increasingly noticeable, improving their productivity and influencing reduction of operating costs.

The evolution of information technologies has allowed access to tools such as the internet that have changed the way we do business in some organizations.

Today, reducing the integral logistics cost is a challenge for all organizations and it is increasingly noticeable how the logistics and distribution chain represents a differential factor between one company and another. Therefore, it is important to know all the factors that help maximize our logistics operations.


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