Trade promotion programmes in Mexico

In times of globalization the demand for goods and services is growing continuously, which is why the Ministry of Economy in conjunction with the government has developed programs to promote the exchange of goods in Mexico thus helping to reduce costs and processes that help the fluidity of the economy.

Trade programs in Mexico

Foreign trade promotion programmes are support for companies and individuals interested in exporting or importing products more easily into the market by enjoying benefits such as reducing tariffs on supplies, parts and components that will be incorporated into the final product.


The Manufacturing, Maquiladora and Export Services Industry programme is an export promotion tool, allowing producers of export goods or enterprises providing services to import, temporarily import various goods (raw materials, inputs, components, packaging and equipment) to be used in the processing of export products, without covering the payment of the general import tax , value added tax and compensatory assessments, where appropriate.


The Register of Highly Exporting Companies (ALTEX) allows natural and moral persons to refund the Value Added Tax (VAT), which they have in their favor for the export of goods, the possibility of obtaining those balances within a maximum period of 20 days Skilled.


The Foreign Trade Enterprises Programme is an export promotion tool, whereby trading companies will be able to access international markets with administrative facilities and financial support from the bank of development, with the aim of bringing the national supply of goods together to be positioned abroad, in accordance with international demand.


Import Tax Refund to Exporters

for 10% of its total sales is another export support scheme, whereby the value of taxes caused by the import and subsequent export of:


  1. (a) raw materials, parts and components, packaging and packaging, fuels, lubricants and other materials incorporated into the exported product;
  2. (b) for the importation of goods returned abroad in the same state in which they were imported; And
  3. c) imported goods for repair or alteration.

This scheme operates, provided that final imports have been made within one year and exports within two months prior to the application.

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