Products that can be transported in an isotank

The Isotanks are equipment specially designed to transport agranel liquids, allowing to carry out a more profitable logistics, & nbsp; they also have the quality standards required by the market.

Safety in the transport of an Isotanque

The isotanks have a support structure that has as purpose to be the support and its protection. It also includes a frame that allows to protect from the tensions to which a fully filled tank is subjected. These containers have a high safety standard due to their robustness and quality in their design and construction. All this allows that, in the event of a possible impact to the equipment, it better protects the load than the current tankers.

Food grade isotanks

Thanks to the Isotanques technology, it is now possible to mitigate all the risks that arise when transferring food-grade liquids such as wines and liquors, juices, oils and fats, thus being able to mobilize the cargo from origin to destination, guaranteeing the quality of the product. product that is transported and safely.

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