Importers' padrón

The Importer's Padrón


In Mexico as in the rest of the world, it is important to have all the requirements according to the obligations under the Law for the entry and exit of products in Mexican territory.

The importer sat is one of the main requirements required by the SAT that both natural and moral persons can request to avoid the informal economy by controlling importers entering the country, combating evasion control foreign trade operations and encourage compliance with tax obligations, as well as prevent and detect customs fraud practices affecting the country's federal treasury or productive sectors including smuggling.


What is the Sector Specific Importers pattern?


In this type of standard, importers who wish to introduce goods classified in the specific sectors of tariff fractions determined by the SHCP by means of rules should be registered in order to prevent and detect practices affecting the country's productive sectors as well as to safeguard Public Health and Homeland Security.

What is the Sector exporters' padrón?


This standard grants authorization for the export of goods classified in the tariff fractions of the specific sectors themselves set out in Annex 10 RCGMCE. And for the purposes of Section 19 of the Law on the Excise Goods and Services Law, taxpayers who require the export of the articles provided for in Article 2(I), (B), (C) and F) shall be enrolled in this standard.

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