Packaging according to your means of transport

Packaging according to your means of transport

Packaging is the one responsible for protecting and preserving packaged and/or packaged products that facilitates their handling in the logistics and transport process. Read more of this here.

Via Terrestrial

The packaging for transport by truck must be adapted to the weight and volume of the goods, considering that the loading and storage will be carried out in covered premises, which offers good guarantees in anticipation for the purposes of rain.


Because of its particular characteristics, this route is the most cargo volume that allows transport in a single unit and in which the heaviest handling elements will be used.

U.N.E. 49001, in definition 2.325, specifies that:

Maritime packaging is for transport by sea and therefore designed and carried out in particular taking into account that it must meet the triple condition of:


To withstand the chances of a crossing and allow the destination arrival of the content in good condition avoiding risks of corrosion, excess pressure and heat.


Air transport regulated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has specific regulations for its packaging indicated in paragraph 2.327 of UNE 49001 with the following detail: It is the one intended for the transport of goods or objects by plane, which in addition to the conditions required for maritime and tropical transport, have the particularity of being essentially light.

In other words, it is important that an aerial packaging is as heavy as possible, but with the right resistance to be able to get your item to your destination in good condition.

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