Packaging and packaging in international transport

What is the difference between packaging and packaging?

No matter what the means to be used for the shipment of our goods, the correct packaging and packaging of them is what will ensure that they arrive in the best conditions to their destination in addition to facilitating their handling.

Each of these has a specific function; Packaging is the commercial presentation of a product (gives a good image), ensuring that when transporting it does not get damaged or come into contact with the outside to stay clean or fresh (in case it is a food).

Packaging, on the other hand, is one that, in addition to protecting and conserving packaged and/or packaging products, facilitates their handling in the logistics and transport process.

It depends a lot on the logistics, product and type of transport to be used to choose the most suitable material (wood, metal, cardboard, plastic, paper and / or glass); In international logistics the pallet is one of the most widely used tools for the packaging of goods by sea, air or land (read more of this here).

No matter how you decide to ship your products, just make sure they comply with the rules and regulations of both transportation and the authorities in Mexico and the destination.

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