Oversized load

What is the Oversized Load?


The oversized cargo is considered that it exceeds by weight and measures the permitted capacity of standard equipment, so they require special handling, this cargo is divided into land and air sea.


Oversized cargo in ground service

In ground services we can contract various means of transport, for example: low beds/low boys are used for very long load such as rod, pipe etc.,

In Mexico this service is regulated by the Secretariat of Communications and Transport, the transport of the cargo in addition to having a permit to travel, must travel with pilot cars, which must accompany the unit, one at the front and one in the part which creates safety on the road, both for goods and drivers and for other vehicles transiting.

Oversized cargo in maritime service

When the cargo does not fit in a standard 20 or 40 foot container or in a High Cube container, a Flat Rack platform or an Open Top container is chosen, there are also cases in which the cargo must travel without any type of container given the volume and be known as known as loading project.

Oversized cargo in air service

Weight and volume limitations in air transport are strictly determined by the aircraft's capacity:

  • Max height: 1580 mm
  • Max width: 2000 mm
  • Max length: 2000 mm

If the goods exceed any of these three dimensions, they shall be considered as an oversized charge.

Our commercial department are highly trained and offer the specific knowledge according to the destination and the necessary support for large loads that require special equipment such as platforms, Open-top containers or Flat-racks, contact us Now.

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