Mexico world's fifth producer of broccoli, 70% destined for export

Mexico ranks fifth and Guanajuato ranks first in domestic production, and 70% of production goes to the export market.

China is the leading producer of this vegetable worldwide. Mexico ranks fifth and Guanajuato ranks first in domestic production, and 70% of production goes to the export market

The United States consumes mainly frozen broccoli; 75% of exports go in this presentation and 25% fresh.

The frozen vegetable industry is a dynamic sector, whose products, considered non-traditional, are mainly for export. The agro-industrial process demands frozen fruit focused on satisfying the consumption of food that is easy to prepare, processed or sold in self-service shops or restaurants.

A good agro-industrial process of products such as broccoli requires starting from field production, applying soil and water conservation practices, safety, certifications, quality inputs, pest control, diseases, weeds, to harvesting. Harvesting should be done in the morning to avoid dehydration of the vegetable, maintain high humidity conditions and low temperatures. The fruit is placed in drawers with due care that avoids physical damage, trying to cool before storing to allow longer shelf life.

When the vegetable reaches the agribusiness its quality is verified, laboratory tests are carried out, the size, presence of pests or diseases are reviewed, it is introduced to the cold chambers, then sent to the preparation areas or cut-out according to the required specifications. It is then washed and disinfected, and proceeded to a pre-cooked process; it can either be frozen quickly and individually, IQF systems, or freezing per block, for which the pre-cooked product moves to the so-called wet-pack line, where it is "selected and packaged" for consumption. Once this stage is complete, broccoli is stored in cold chambers, to be transported.

In Guanajuato agro-industrial plants are concentrated in San Francisco del Rincón, Irapuato, Salamanca, Celaya, Cortazar, Villagrán, Valle de Santiago, San Miguel de Allende, San Luis de la Paz, Doctor Mora and San Felipe. Agro-industries include packing and freezers, mostly private.

To increase the competitiveness of companies and producers, development banking institutions contribute to improving technological and integration aspects to value chains, through channeling financial services and support to primary activity, to commercialization, to agribusiness, with the participation of financial intermediaries.

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