How to use one-stop shop?

One-stop shop

The transformation in the digital and technological world forces us to be constantly updated, globalization and process automation are now the new realities of same interaction that facilitate, among other things, the new way of doing business.

Within international logistics we find reduction of processes and automation of others that facilitate the exchange of information between entrepreneurs and authorities; The Single Window of Mexican Foreign Trade (VUCEM) is a tool that allows the sending of digital information to the Ministry of the Economy and the corresponding dependencies to speed up and minimize the expenses generated within the operation.

Process and use of VUCEM

For any foreign trade operation it is necessary to send documentation through the one window and here we leave the process:

  1.    enter and with its Advanced Electronic Signature (Trust) registers online information related to the import, export or transit of goods.
  2.    The information is sent electronically to the relevant government offices for approval and authorization.
  3.    Taxes are automatically calculated and deducted from the user's bank account.
  4.    When the carrier submits a simplified format, the customs verifier consults the information using a portable digital device and releases the goods.

For the use of the tool is indispensable the Advanced Electronic Signature (Fiel), it can be processed in an office of the Tax Administration Service, or renewed online

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