The first phase of the New Port of Veracruz will open in June

The New Port of Veracruz (which started its work in 2013) will house a new container terminal with capacity to handle 1 million containers of goods that will be monitored by a system capable of monitoring, transmitting, storing and analyzing information finally demonstrates its potential in the face of the effects of the North generated by the cold front 36 and guarantees the safety of the goods that will enter and leave the country through the new facilities of the Integral Port Agency of Veracruz (Apiver).

Port authorities detailed that the new port will safeguard the fluid terminals, with 12.2 hectares and a marginal line of 300 meters, where the company IEnova, Energy Infrastructure will be located.

The Specialized Container Terminal 1 ICAVE will also be located here, which in its first phase will have 41.05 hectares for cargo loading and unloading of goods, and 700 linear meters of marginal spring

In a second phase, ICAVE will complete the construction on an area of 31.05 hectares with 350 meters of marginal pier.

In this area will be sheltered the patios of APIVER with areas of Reserve, Agricultural Bulk Terminal with 10 hectares and 300 meters of marginal pier, already awarded to Gramosa group.

There is also the 10-hectare Mineral Bulk Terminal, awarded to Grupo Logra and which will also have 300 meters of marginal pier.

The second phase of enlargement goes to 2019

The second stage of the expansion will consist of the construction of a Specialized Container II and Patios Terminal of the Integral Port Administration of Veracruz.

It will be located on the west side of the current breakwater. The work will begin in 2019 and its completion is expected by 2024.

But the construction of a second breakwater called Rompeolas Oriente will add to this, which will safeguard the remaining docking positions. It will have new terminals for the movement of cars, bulk, loose and contained general cargo mainly.

During the construction of both stages of the new port, about 140,000 direct and indirect jobs will be created. At the conclusion, it will be able to receive for the first time ships with dimensions never seen before and handle up to 95 million tonnes per year.

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