Transporting hazardous materials in Isotank

Surely we have already heard about the use of this type of container but in the next article we will delve deeper into its specifications and use.

The Isotankete was designed to transport all kinds of liquids, the variety of which includes drinking liquids (food category), non-hazardous and hazardous liquids, including corrosive, flammable, toxic and explosive liquids, by quote a few. This type of container eliminates the risks that may arise when transferring liquids from one vessel to another and provides an extremely safe, cost-effective and viable means of transport. Once emptied, the tank is moved to an accredited washing station, thoroughly cleaned and left ready for the next load. Although the tanks have a fairly uniform external appearance, the building materials, internal coating and accessories vary.


Advantages of an Isotanke

Isotanks are safe and reliable, and turn out to be a cost-effective means of transport that allows liquids to be transported in bulk around the world. The container design, testing and approval process is applied taking into account that the tank must be an effective, economical and safe means of transport for a wide range of liquid products.

Savings: Lower transport costs per liter compared to another type of container (especially for hazardous products)






High price of purchase, handling, storage and disposal

High costs of storage, terminal and transport

Cost-effective filling, shipping and unloading

Efficiency of use

Rarely reused or reusable; costly elimination

Minimum high load quantity – 200 to 500 tonnes

Minimal handling;  flexible ducts


May suffer irreversible damage

Risk of contamination from ducts, pumps and storage

Optimal safety; resistant primary packaging


Multiple manipulations and labelling: high price

Restricted choice of destination; absence of door-to-door service

Totally intermodal: road, rail, sea, door-to-door


They require a large storage area

Compatible tank storage: high price

Secure, low-priced and immediate storage


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