Registration to the padron de importadores

How to register on the importer’s register?

The importers’ register (Read more of this here) is one of the obligations of those natural persons and moral persons who want to introduce or extract goods from the country; To do this, it is necessary to be aware of its tax obligations; to prove to the customs authority that it is registered in the Federal Taxpayer Register, including to dictate the authority by means of rules.

Where does he show up?

Through the SAT Portal, by accessing the Section of: Procedures/RFC/Importers and Specific Sectors/Registration, with the use of your e.signature or password.


No documentation is required.


  1. Be enrolled and active in the RFC.
  2. Have e.signature in force.
  3. Be aware of your tax obligations.
    * For the purpose of the above, it will be validated among others:

    1. The record of compliance with tax obligations provided for in Article 32-D of the Code must be in a positive sense.
    2. Not to be found at the time of entering the application in the list of companies published by the SAT in terms of the third paragraph of Articles 69 and 69-B of the Code, with the exception of the provisions of section VI, of Article 69.
  4. The tax domicile must be located as located in the RFC or in the process of verification.
  5. The status of the Tax Mailbox must be found as “Validated”.
  6. Have a customs agent, customs proxy and/or legal representative, who will carry out its foreign trade operations, in compliance with the obligation provided for in article 59, fraction III, second paragraph of the Law.

Steps to take to carry out the procedure

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