What is household utensils?

Houseware is considered to be household utensils that are used exclusively for daily use such as clothing, books, booksellers, works of art or science that do not constitute complete collections for the installation of exhibitions or art galleries, instruments scientists of professionals, tools of workers and craftsmen indispensable for the development of the profession of the applicant, these may not constitute complete equipment for the installation of laboratories, offices or workshops. Persons engaged in journalism activities for the press, radio or television may also include goods necessary to carry out such activity.


Mexicans have the right to take their household utensils with them for a single time free of import payment after having settled abroad for at least six months.


They are not considered household utensils:


New or used items within their original packaging, plants, animals, beverages, alcoholics, food, firearms, ammunition, explosives, publications or pornographic articles, drugs, medicines, automobiles, motorcycles, boats, boats or any other motor vehicle, dissected trophies of animals, birds or fish.

The people who can import their houseware without paying foreign trade taxes are:

Mexican students or researchers.

Residents in the border strip or region.

Mexicans or immigrants repatriated or deported.

Non-immigrants with characteristics of minister of worship or religious associate or correspondent visitors and distinguished visitors.


Moves or household utensils do not pay taxes, and to receive this benefit it is necessary to check the nearest embassy or consulate to your home address:

Residence outside of Mexico for at least 6 consecutive months

That all furniture and personal effects in it have 6 or more months of use

Do not contain new and prohibited items

And have all the required immigration documentation.


Requirements for obtaining the Certified Houseware Declaration

  • Full name
  • Overseas address
  • Place where you will establish residence in Mexico
  • Description and quantity of the merchandise that integrates the household utensils. Some consulates request that electronics be presented on separate sheets
  • Time of residence abroad not less than six consecutive months
  • Show up at the consulate with all this information
  • Consulate normally grants 3 to 4 original documents. 2 are required for customs processing

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