Quick guide to successful export

There are many variables that we must take into account when talking about international logistics operations; It is not only about sending or receiving products or services but doing so in the most practical, economical and effective way possible.

Here's a quick guide where you can help you achieve a successful export.


  1. Market research

This must be done prior to any action. This identifies which market or markets are buyers of the goods and services offered by the exporter.

  1. Business intelligence

It is an alternative to identifying unmet market needs. When you split from the market it is the ideal tool.

  1. Finding importers

At this stage the exporter should collect information on the usual companies importing the goods and services that make up its offer. This information may come from different sources, such as chambers of commerce, commercial offices etc.

  1. Identifying potential customers

By some criterion the exporter must determine which identified companies might be the most appropriate customers for his company.

  1. Presentation and offer

The exporter must communicate his interest in doing business with the selected companies, sending his catalogues, samples and price lists, as well as offering the possibility of visiting the potential importer in case the importer has an interest.

  1. Trade mission

Prepare and make a commercial visit to the market visiting those companies that expressed interest in acquiring the products or services of your company.

  1. Evaluation, negotiation and closure

After the trip, you will need to evaluate the existing options, the advantages and disadvantages of each potential client and negotiate the best conditions for your interests. This may mean having to visit the market at a second or third opportunity before closing the first business.

Finally, once the terms of the business are agreed, it is recommended to sign an international contract where the agreed conditions are stipulated. As it details the main aspects of export and how it will be carried out. It is important to know what are the best conditions of sale and this is where The Incoterms will be our best tool (here a link if you want to read more about this).

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