What is the guarantee letter?
In a world with increasingly competitive businesses, the use of tools that ensure excellence have become essential, this can be translated as the obligation that each party takes to guarantee success; In this article we will talk about imports to Mexico by sea transport and the guarantee letter: document required by all shipping companies.

In the import process, the shipping company or carrier is in charge of granting the container where the goods will be transported and this upon arrival at the destination port must be backed by a document and a monetary guarantee to ensure its return in the same state.

This document obliges those who contract the services of the shipping company to sign the guarantee letter, in addition to making a deposit with a specific amount that the shipping company requests to cover the damages that may be generated in the container during the import process or export, which means that the container must be delivered clean, under the same conditions with which I set sail

The guarantee letters are valid only before the figures that agreed to the contract, that is, the shipping company that provides the service and the contractor of the service, is not valid before third parties.

Thus, the responsibility is only enforceable to the shipper of the merchandise by the one who receives the merchandise of the letter that is the shipping company or its consignee agent. There is no mandatory document, each company has its own.

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