Globalization in international trade can be simplified as a more open relationship between different markets and this is born with the need to reduce production costs and give competitiveness within a global environment, exchanging not only merchandise and services, culture, ideas and culture are also shared. technological development.

In the history of commerce and community development, the exchange of products has always been present, first as barter (it is about exchanging goods for other goods of equal value) and subsequently granting them a monetary value.

International trade occurs because no country is self-sufficient, that is, it will always need another because each one has a certain comparative advantage, which is one of the basic foundations of international trade.

After the industrial revolution the goods could be produced and manufactured anywhere and transported in a very cheap way to all points of consumption.

To talk about globalization today is to talk about the emergence of powerful competitors such as China and the other BRIC countries, which has resulted in drastic changes in competitiveness and a tendency to structure production around global value chains.

It is important to consider that exporting countries must also be importing countries, both to generate final products and to increase the balanced exchange of goods and services and this contributes to a better economy between countries.

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