Functions of a customs broker

What is a customs agency or customs agent?

Within the logistical world (import and export processes) it is necessary to know the main actors and their role in each part of the process, the customs agent is a natural person authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit who serves as one of the most important parts for handling the clearance of goods and all the processes and formalities involved.

Under customs law Article 159 marks the figure of the customs agent as the person authorised to promote the release of goods.


What are the functions of a customs broker?


One of the main functions of the customs broker for international logistics operations is foreign trade advice that helps prevent errors, reduce time and costs (he is the expert in required documentation, certificates and calculation in addition to meeting the requirements of the customs office in the event that the customs office wishes to make use of its power and order the physical inspection of the goods, an act in which the agent must be present.


The customs agent in Import operations

Import operations in Mexico involve specific processes for which a customs agent is indispensable, the latter must be responsible for presenting the documentation of the goods at the customs office (commercial invoice, certificate of origin, packing list, and other documents if necessary), and carry out the necessary formalities for the internment of the goods as well as payment on behalf of the company or person of the corresponding tariffs or taxes so that the cargo is released and can be delivered to its destination.


Now that you know what a customs agent is and its functions, you'll know how to get improvements in the supply chain and ensure successful operations.