Commercial opening generates significant benefits for the parties involved, trade can help reduce the price of products in addition to job creation. One of the main benefits of this commercial exchange is the use that each country gives to the products or services it produces and at the same time being an importer of the goods and services where it does not possess those advantages.

Those who participate in the International Trade process
Participants in the import / export process may vary but here are a few:

  1. Seller: Supplier, manufacturer or exporter
  2. Buyer: Importer, the owner of the goods if you import them on your own
  3. Commissioner for sale: It is the person or company hired and paid by the exporter to procure goods abroad.
  4. Commissioner to purchase: It is a person or a company hired and paid by the importer to supply goods abroad.
  5. Agent of a forwarding company, sea or air: Organizes with the seller the transport of the goods to the place of export, takes the necessary measures in terms of transporting the goods in the required time, in addition to controlling the load and weight of the goods
  6. Agent of the importing country: It can be from the same agency as that of the foreign agent, it receives all the information about the freight on board the ship and transmits them to the competent authorities and also notifies the importer about the arrival of the merchandise and sends the indispensable documents.
  7. Insurance company
  8. Carrier: Receives the merchandise from the seller and organizes its local and international transport to its destination.
  9. Consolidator: Responsible for organizing the transport of goods by grouping or consolidating different shipments.
  10. Customs agent: Take the measures for the dispatch of the goods and deal directly with customs on behalf of third parties or companies.
  11. Confirmation agent: Organizes the financing of import transactions and the transfer of the attached documents (almost in the same way as banks).
  12. National customs: Responsible for monitoring the legal and administrative compliance of the internment and delivery of the goods and the payment of the respective taxes.

The different types of agents mentioned above do not necessarily have a participation in international trade operations, but it is important to know who acts in each case to determine the risks within the framework of Commercial Fraud.

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