Exporting industries in Mexico

International transport companies

In recent years the industries in our country have shown significant growth, especially when it comes to international trade, Mexico has become a leader in exports in some sectors such as manufacturing, raw materials and products related to electronics. International trade accounts for much of the country’s economic activity, as more people are part of this industry every day.

China has long been seen as the world’s largest factory, but let’s consider that today in Mexico there are also large quantities of products, backed by factories that maintain substantial quality standards, so companies Mexicoors or all those established throughout the national territory have become benchmarks of foreign trade worldwide.

According to INEGI (2018) the states that have presented a higher export rate are Coahuila de Zaragoza, Baja California, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, which are located in the northern region of the country, their location is a key point that positions them in the first places because their closeness to the United States makes these companies backed by more cost-effective and up-to-date technology and processes.

Mexico has different types of industries, including those that have had the highest export rate of goods according to its sector and subsector and these are:

  1. Manufacturing
  2. Manufacture of transport equipment
  3. Manufacture of computer equipment, communication, measurement and other electronic equipment components and accessories.
  4. Manufacture of electronic devices, electronic accessories and electrical generation equipment
  5. Chemical industry
  6. Food industry

Map of the Mexican republic indicating the amount recorded in terms of exports per federal entity in 2018.

Image taken from INEGI.

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