Expo Cargo Ninth Edition

Expo Carga has already been for nine years a model that seeks the generation of new businesses within the National and International freight and logistics industries bringing together the largest number of exhibitors within these areas, thus allowing them to join forces within an increasingly competitive market that has a need to diversify.

Through networking and conferences, the attendees of this event had the opportunity to nurture knowledge in addition to having a clearer view of where new trends in logistics and the market are directed.

As every year, Expo Carga had a guest country, and this year it was Singapore that took the position as one of the emerging markets for Mexico.

The President of the Federation of National Associations of Cargo Agents and International Logistics Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean (Alacat) Galo Molina mentioned during the inauguration that it is time to look to the markets of the South.

Market diversification

The need to diversify the market Mexico is targeting is crucial not only because of the changes facing our Free Trade Agreements today, but also in driving the exchange of new goods, services and technologies with other countries.

In this edition Grupo Griska served as a spectator and was very pleasant to attend the different activities organized within the event, as well as greeting some of our colleagues and friends.

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