What is the supply chain?

I'm sure you've heard of the supply chain on more than one occasion without knowing exactly what it means.

A supply chain is critical in any store or business, if you want your orders to arrive on time and always arrive on time, it's critical that you implement it in your business.

Supply chain involves many processes. For example, obtaining the different materials, manufacturing and processing them and distributing the product.

Then within the supply chain itself we find 3 key processes:


It is the first phase where you define aspects as fundamental as when and how you get the raw material needed to manufacture your products.

Manufacturing: This is the phase where we will see how raw materials become the final product.

Distribution: The phase where the product reaches the customer. It is at this point that warehouses, distributors or retailers among others come into play.

The importance of a good supply chain is vital to customer satisfaction.

Source: www.totalsafepack.com

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