The liquids market in Mexico

The liquids market in Mexico

Mexico is today one of the leading exporters of liquids to position itself as the number one exporter of beer worldwide, the largest exporter of alcoholic beverages in Latin America and the sixth in the world, being a country with a variety of drinks with highly sought after designation of origin in the vast majority of the world, although the exchange of such products is not new today there is an easier and cheaper way to do so.

Packed or bulk?

The volume of transport of liquids increases each year and the needs for its transport as well, that is why the handling for the shipment of these products is divided either packaged or in bulk, each having specific regulations and benefits.


Bulk liquids

One of the most cost-effective and safe solutions used today for the transport of large quantities of liquids are flexitanques (for non-hazardous liquids) and Isotanks (which can carry almost any type of liquid).


Also called flexibags or flexitanks are bags of several layers of polypropylene that transform containers of 20' conventional, in safe and efficient bulk liquid transport systems that allow transporting up to 24,000 liters of product, significantly reducing operating costs and preserving the quality of the product during transport.



The Isotankewill was designed to transport all kinds of liquids, the variety of which includes drinking liquids (food category), non-hazardous and hazardous liquids, also have a capacity of 24 thousand liters which allows to send and receive more product.

Consolidated liquids


The packaging (could be of different materials such as glass, cardboard, plastic, wood etc.) are materials that contain and protect the product. It has a direct contact with the liquid, forming an integral part of it. In addition to containing the goods, it is also used to protect it, depending on the packaging, can help to dose the exact quantity of the product, reinforce the image of the product and the brand itself.

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