customs clearance without customs agent

Goods clearance without customs agent

Dispatch of goods entering or leaving Mexican territory can be done without the intervention of customs agent, but must comply with the rules dictated by law.

Process for the release of goods without customs agent

Request ing the Tax Administration Service, complying with the terms and conditions established in the Customs Law Regulations, they are assigned an authorization number in order to be able to transmit pediments through the system electronic customs.

Transmit to the customs electronic system in the form and periodicity that the Tax Administration Service determines in rules, the statistical information of the pediments.

Perform the corresponding acts in accordance with the Customs Law in the clearance of goods, using the electronic customs system and its advanced electronic signature or digital seal.

Have the necessary equipment to promote electronic dispatch, in accordance with the rules issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

Use official or electronic locks on vehicles and containers that transport goods from customs clearances they make, in accordance with what is established by the Tax Administration Service by means of rules, as well as prevent tax locks purchased from authorised manufacturers are used in containers or vehicles carrying goods which they have not cleared. As well as to state in the order or in the consolidated notice, the official or electronic padlock number used in the vehicles or means of transport containing the goods to be dispatched.

In the case of goods subject to non-tariff regulations and restrictions whose compliance is carried out by electronic or digital document, record in the order the corresponding acknowledgement.

To declare, under the protest of truth the nature and characteristics of the goods and other data relating to the foreign trade operation involving, in the official forms and documents in which they are required or, where appropriate, in the electronic system Customs.

Accept visits ordered by the customs authorities, to verify that it complies with their tax and customs obligations, or for certain investigations.

Legal basis: Article 59, 59-A and 59-B of the Customs Law.

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