Customs in Mexico

Customs in Mexico

In Mexico, customs are located throughout the country, located on the northern border with the United States, on the southern border with Guatemala and Belize, on the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts and inland areas of the country.

Mexico has 49 customs distributed as follows:

  •         19 are located on the northern border and 2 on the southern border
  •         17 maritime companies at ports on the Pacific and Gulf coasts of Mexico
  •         11 inside the republic.


Mexican customs fulfill the main function of monitoring, monitoring and controlling the entry and extraction of goods from the country under a strict law (read more here).

They are recognized globally as a highly competitive and modern trade channel as they have achieved a reduction in the length of stay of goods at the country's customs offices, registering between 30% and up to 50%, as a result of the modernization, process automation.

Customs are presented below according to their classification.

Customs of the northern border of the country:


  •         agua prieta
  •         Acuña City
  •         Camargo City
  •         Juarez City
  •         City of German Michael
  •         King City
  •         Colombia
  •         Matamoros
  •         Mexicali
  •         Naco
  •         Nogales
  •         Nuevo Laredo
  •         Ojinaga
  •         Black Stones
  •         Puerto Palomas
  •         San Luis Rio Colorado
  •         Sonoyta
  •         Tecate
  •         Tijuana

Customs of the southern border of the country:


  •         Hidalgo City
  •         Lieutenant Lopez


Customs on the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts and ports:


  •         Acapulco
  •         Altamira
  •         Cancun
  •         Ciudad del Carmen
  •         Coatzacoalcos
  •         Two Mouths
  •         Ensenada
  •         Guaymas
  •         Peace
  •         Lazarus Cardenas
  •         Manzanillo
  •         Mazatlan
  •         Progress
  •         Salina Cruz
  •         Tampico
  •         Tuxpan
  •         Veracruz

Internal Customs:

  •         Mexico City International Airport
  •         aguascalientes
  •         Chihuahua
  •         Guadalajara
  •         Guanajuato
  •         Mexico
  •         Monterrey
  •         Puebla
  •         Queretaro
  •         Toluca
  •         Torreón

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