Air cargo transport companies

Air cargo

Air transport companies are those engaged in the transport of passengers, cargo or mail through aircraft on domestic or international flights. The aircraft is the fastest means of transport and although its cost is high the connection time between a point is the most effective. It is mainly used for the transfer of specific people and goods.

Unlike other means, air freight companies are the newest in the modern world. Its infrastructure is in accordance with new technologies, with procedures that have been standardized globally that is why different types of aircraft with specific characteristics (capacity, type of cargo and destinations that can reach) have been created. Read more here.

The flight industry in Mexico

It began in 1921 with the creation of the Mexican Air Transport Company in Mexico City. One of the businesses that have gone up in Mexican aviation is freight transport, to such an extent that companies that only moved passengers like Aeromexico, opened subsidiary companies to enter this market.

Airlines have established partnerships with international firms and even have agreements with companies. There is currently a wide variety of Mexican airlines that provide passenger and cargo transport services to domestic and international destinations. Read more here.


The supremacy among domestic airlines is due to its high cargo handling. Most of its operations are abroad and only part domestic as in Mexico it reaches three destinations, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.


It has a fleet of five Airbus A300 B4F-203s – with a cargo capacity of up to 44 tons –, which it uses to serve 28 destinations in Latin America, the United States and Mexico, in addition to 10 in Asia and three in Oceania.


It is one of the few domestic passenger airlines, which through its subsidiary Aeromexico Cargo, carries out operations to 80 destinations. Its presence in more international destinations is thanks to commercial agreements, as it is part of alliances with other airlines, in addition to managing and operating controlled warehouses at Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

Air transport companies are a very important factor for trade, as delivery times speed up the processes for sending or receiving goods;

These are some of the airlines operating in Mexico

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