How to choose the right market to export

Choosing the ideal market is an everyday job, ideally to use for example some databases such as Intracen or Trademap that give us information about global market trends for your own product.

Let us not forget that it is of the utmost importance to keep up with what is happening in the market, in trade and in the world.

When exporting is not casual but planned, in a first analysis, most companies use the following criteria to select markets:

Geographical proximity: an easier to establish contacts. It is the classic case of Mexico, which depends umbilially on the Usa.

Large markets (e.g. United States, Russia, China, India, Brazil) the ability to export large volumes.

The imitation of other exporters: possibility to take the path already laid out.

The markets where you can learn from customers and competitors. There are, for example, several Brazilian companies producing machine tools for the automotive industry that have been installed in Detroit, to be close to the large U.S. vehicle industry.

The most objective market selection criterion was based on market research and the specific assessment of the company's export capacity.

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