Air transport charges

Air fares

To be able to quote an air freight it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the charges applicable for this type of transport as it will depend on the type of goods, weight, volume as well as the different routes available to reach the chosen destination.

Variables for listing an air freight

Incoterm used

These are rules on the conditions of delivery of the goods. They are used to divide the costs of international business transactions, delimiting the responsibilities between the buyer and the seller. Among the most commonly used in air transport are the following: EXW, DAT, CPT, CIP.


It is very important to know the weight/volume of our air cargo, as this will depend on the price to be paid for the billing.

Fuel Charges / Fuel Surcharge

Air freight fares shall take into account possible variations in the price of fuel used for transport.

Banking charge 

These logistics actions carry out international transport operations with other countries where the euro is not always used as currency. The Banking Charge appears as another factor that influences air freight fares for these cases, applying 1% on freight that is not quoted in the European currency.

Insurance Risk Charge (IRC)

This is a security surcharge that is always charged at each airport when shipping.

Variables depending on the type of merchandise

High-value items

If the carriage of air cargo carries high value objects, the price payable for it will generally be fixed according to the ad valorem rate, and not on its weight/volume (jewels, works of art).

Dangerous goods

The calculation of air freight fares will vary if dangerous goods are transported. In these cases, the cost can increase by up to 25%, even being higher for certain goods.

No matter where you ship or type of cargo you need to send, try to advise yourself on expert lyn and avoid extra costs.

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