What is the guarantee letter? In a world with increasingly competitive businesses, the use of tools that ensure excellence have become essential, this can be translated as the obligation that each party takes to guarantee success; In this article we will talk about imports to Mexico by sea transport and the guarantee letter: document required […]


If you are thinking about entering the world of international trade and do not know where we present 5 of the markets that have high export potential; These currently represent a potential opportunity for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that seek to expand beyond national borders, these countries represent a good opportunity. Brazil It is […]



Have you ever noticed that certain containers have a diamond-shaped label with 4 colors? As this label is one of the easiest and fastest ways to identify that the product or material being transported has a certain danger and these are divided into 4 main categories: HEALTH, FLAMMABILITY, REACTIVITY AND SPECIFIC RISKS. Each category has […]



Globalization in international trade can be simplified as a more open relationship between different markets and this is born with the need to reduce production costs and give competitiveness within a global environment, exchanging not only merchandise and services, culture, ideas and culture are also shared. technological development. In the history of commerce and community […]



Flexitank The flexitank is an instrument for the transport of bulk liquids totally safe, which due to its design and characteristics keeps the quality of the product transported intact, the first flexitanks marketed were reusable and needed to be cleaned before a subsequent use, which made them not convenient However, since the mid-1990s they were […]


Previously we talked about logistics and how it is composed (read more here), in this article we will specifically address the issue of freight (maritime, air and land). Freight can be understood in the following ways: As the process that takes place at the time of renting a means of transport for the transfer of […]


How to transport wine

Wine transport The transport of wine and its packaging form will depend mainly on the volumes and place of origin or destination where its logistics took place since factors such as humidity, light and temperature changes, can seriously affect its properties. There are two ways to ship wine: bottled and bulkand for each of them […]

How to transport wine
Air transport charges

Air transport charges

Air fares To be able to quote an air freight it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the charges applicable for this type of transport as it will depend on the type of goods, weight, volume as well as the different routes available to reach the chosen destination. Variables for listing an air freight Incoterm […]

Air cargo transport companies

Air cargo Air transport companies are those engaged in the transport of passengers, cargo or mail through aircraft on domestic or international flights. The aircraft is the fastest means of transport and although its cost is high the connection time between a point is the most effective. It is mainly used for the transfer of […]

Air cargo transport companies
Exporting industries in Mexico

Exporting industries in Mexico

International transport companies In recent years the industries in our country have shown significant growth, especially when it comes to international trade, Mexico has become a leader in exports in some sectors such as manufacturing, raw materials and products related to electronics. International trade accounts for much of the country’s economic activity, as more people […]

International shipping

International freight transport International maritime transport is the main means of transporting goods around the world; By this means products are mobilized daily in large quantities of goods in containers or grantees that travel long distances, their high competitiveness allows them to be transported in a large volume regardless of their liquid, solid or gaseous […]

International shipping

customs clearance without customs agent

Goods clearance without customs agent Dispatch of goods entering or leaving Mexican territory can be done without the intervention of customs agent, but must comply with the rules dictated by law. Process for the release of goods without customs agent Request ing the Tax Administration Service, complying with the terms and conditions established in the […]

customs clearance without customs agent
Goods recognition process

Goods recognition process

How are the goods recognition process carried out? It is important to know that in order to carry out customs clearance of any good the first document requested is the pediment; This document is the electronic declaration containing the information relating to the goods, traffic and customs procedure to which they are intended, among other […]

Retention of goods at customs

What to do if customs holds your merchandise? At the time of entry the goods will go through a review process where a corresponding color is assigned to the green, yellow and red traffic light; In case there is no problem the communication of customs will be code green and proceed with the release of […]

Retention of goods at customs
GATT the origin of the omc

GATT the origin of the omc

General Agreement on Customs Tariffs and Trade (GATT) The General Agreement on Customs Tariffs and Trade (GATT) refers to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, originated in 1994 after World War II, when the United States and 22 other countries decided to establish agreements and regulations on the transactions of certain commodities and vital […]

Customs in Mexico

Customs in Mexico In Mexico, customs are located throughout the country, located on the northern border with the United States, on the southern border with Guatemala and Belize, on the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts and inland areas of the country. Mexico has 49 customs distributed as follows:         19 are located on the northern […]

Customs in Mexico

Shipping ports in Mexico

Mexico's 5 most important ports The port network in Mexico consists of 117 ports and several terminals throughout the territory, there are 5 that cover the highest percentage of commercial cargo movements which positions them as the most important, here we tell you which are:   Manzanillo Its strong exports are, in this port its […]

Shipping ports in Mexico

Mexico great opportunity for international trade

Mexico great opportunity for international trade One of the key axes of global economic growth is international trade because the exchange of goods and services plays a very important role in generating good development within societies. INVESTMENT TRANSLATED IN DEVELOPMENT One of the main elements that the investment takes into account to enter the market […]

Mexico great opportunity for international trade

How to quote a foreign trade operation?

How to quote a foreign trade operation? It does not matter if we talk about the purchase or sale of a logistics service since in either scenario rigor is required in the management of quote and offer of services. Imagine a cost or condition error within our business, these could represent errors, delays and extra […]

How to quote a foreign trade operation?
Packaging according to your means of transport

Packaging according to your means of transport

Packaging according to your means of transport Packaging is the one responsible for protecting and preserving packaged and/or packaged products that facilitates their handling in the logistics and transport process. Read more of this here. Via Terrestrial The packaging for transport by truck must be adapted to the weight and volume of the goods, considering […]

What can I transport in a flexi-tank?

What can I transport in a flexi-tank? In previous articles we have mentioned the great advantages of the use of flexitanques for the transport of liquids in bulk perinitially raw material and food grade liquids. Read more of this here. Products I can transport in a flexitank   All the products mentioned above can be […]

What can I transport in a flexi-tank?

The main documents for foreign trade

The main documents in foreign trade While it is true that international logistics has advanced in the technological field by modernizing processes and documents that are requested when exporting or importing there are still several physical documents that companies must have. The diversity of laws by country or market means that the documents used in […]

Export of cars in Mexico

How to export cars from Mexico? For the last couple of years the export of new cars abroad has become one of the most profitable businesses for companies in our country, Mexico is considered a strategic country for the exchange of supplies for its geographical location and market access through the multiple treaties of which […]

How to use one-stop shop?

One-stop shop The transformation in the digital and technological world forces us to be constantly updated, globalization and process automation are now the new realities of same interaction that facilitate, among other things, the new way of doing business. Within international logistics we find reduction of processes and automation of others that facilitate the exchange […]

Marketing service in Mexico

Marketers in Mexico We will start by explaining what the functions of the marketers are and what are within the international logistics and it can be very easy to confuse them with a distributor but their functions and benefits are totally different; The Secretariat of the Economy defines them as foreign trade companies that assist […]

Customs clearance in Mexico

Customs clearance in Mexico Being informed of the processes and documents involved within the logistics of foreign trade always makes us go a step forward such is the case of customs (import or export); And while each country has defined processes and documents, they all share a great similarity. What is customs clearance and what […]

Free trade agreements

What is a free trade agreement?   There is a lot of talk about the new agreements that Mexico is once a part of, but we will start by defining that it is a free trade agreement. In general, treaties are trade agreements to expand the market for goods and services among participating countries in […]

Trade promotion programmes in Mexico

In times of globalization the demand for goods and services is growing continuously, which is why the Ministry of Economy in conjunction with the government has developed programs to promote the exchange of goods in Mexico thus helping to reduce costs and processes that help the fluidity of the economy. Trade programs in Mexico Foreign […]

WTO World Trade Organization

WTO World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the international body responsible for the rules governing trade between countries, its main objective is to ensure that trade is conducted in the most fluid, predictable and free way possible The pillars on which it rests are the WTO Agreements, which have been negotiated and […]

The liquids market in Mexico

The liquids market in Mexico Mexico is today one of the leading exporters of liquids to position itself as the number one exporter of beer worldwide, the largest exporter of alcoholic beverages in Latin America and the sixth in the world, being a country with a variety of drinks with highly sought after designation of […]

Customs regimes in Mexico

In Mexico all import and export operations are subject to certain processes and documentation that legitimize their stay in the national or foreign territory as well as their free transit. Article 90 of the customs law states that "Goods entering or extracted from the national territory may be destined for one of the following customs […]

Customs declaration of goods

What is the customs declaration of goods?   The customs declaration, like any other declaration, is a manifestation of facts and concepts made by a person. A customs declaration may mean the act by which the consignee and/or importer of the goods expresses their wish or intention to give the goods a customs destination provided […]

What is COVE and how does it work?

What is COVE and how does it work? The COVE is the electronic proof of value that replaces any document that supports the commercial value of the goods within the customs clearance in order to achieve paperless customs. It consists in downloading to VUCEM (single window) all the information from your invoice or any document […]

Mexico Customs Law

The customs law is intended to regulate those who introduce goods into or extract goods into the national territory whether they are their owners, owners, recipients, shippers, agents, customs agents or anyone who has an intervention in the introduction, extraction, custody storage handling and tenure. The first customs law was published on 30 December 1981 […]

Mexico Customs Law

Oversized load

What is the Oversized Load?   The oversized cargo is considered that it exceeds by weight and measures the permitted capacity of standard equipment, so they require special handling, this cargo is divided into land and air sea.   Oversized cargo in ground service In ground services we can contract various means of transport, for […]

Prevalidation and Validation of Pedimentos

Prevalidation and Validation of Pedimentos According to article 16-A of the Customs Law mentions that those who enter or extract goods from the national territory will be obliged to prevalidate the pediments (check our article here) that they submit to the Electronic Customs System (SEA), before persons authorized to provide such services. The prevalidation is […]

Basic elements of an import pediment

One of the most important documents within the international logistics process is the document known as import or export. The order is an order of tax declaration informing the SAT of the destination to be given to goods that are entered or extracted from the country and checks compliance with customs obligations. What is a […]

Transporting hazardous materials

Transporting hazardous materials A hazardous material is any solid, liquid or gaseous substance that by its physical, chemical or biological characteristics that can cause harm to humans, the environment and property. The United Nations classifies hazardous material types as 9. Class 1: Explosive It comprises explosive substances, explosive articles and substances producing pyrotechnic explosive effect. […]

How to export red wine?

I want to export red wine   We know that day-to-day foreign trade is transformed, knowing the provisions of the law both tariff and non-tariff is paramount to successful operations.   Based on the manual that public PROMEXICO on its portal, here we list the steps required for all export and access to new markets. Steps […]


What is household utensils? Houseware is considered to be household utensils that are used exclusively for daily use such as clothing, books, booksellers, works of art or science that do not constitute complete collections for the installation of exhibitions or art galleries, instruments scientists of professionals, tools of workers and craftsmen indispensable for the development […]

Importers' padrón

The Importer's Padrón   In Mexico as in the rest of the world, it is important to have all the requirements according to the obligations under the Law for the entry and exit of products in Mexican territory. The importer sat is one of the main requirements required by the SAT that both natural and […]


What is the PACO and PAMA administrative process?   Let's start this article by defining each of the administrative procedures that can be carried out within an international logistics. The first known as PACO (Administrative Process for Skipped Contributions) is the one that does not proceed to the precautionary embargo of goods but to determine […]

The chemical industry in Mexico

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY The Chemical and Petrochemical Industry is characterized by being the sector in which operations for the production of basic raw materials start. These operations conclude with the manufacture of products that are generally used as raw materials for other industries, and even for final consumption. The chemical and petrochemical industry plays a key […]

Certificates of origin

What is the certificate of origin? Certificates of origin are documents issued by the chambers of commerce of the exporting countries, and serve to prove that the outbound goods originate from the nation of origin.   The Ministry of the Economy determines it as the document proving that the exported goods originate from a particular […]

How is the customs value determined?

How is the customs value determined? To determine the value to be paid at customs it is important to know what are the elements that make up it as it is one of the most important values in the importation of goods; It is the starting point for the determination and settlement of foreign trade […]

Functions of a customs broker

What is a customs agency or customs agent? Within the logistical world (import and export processes) it is necessary to know the main actors and their role in each part of the process, the customs agent is a natural person authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit who serves as one of the […]

Functions of a customs broker

How to reduce transportation costs

Day by day, foreign trade is constantly changing using more and more tools that help maximize and efficient import and export logistics. There are many factors that can help cost minimisation, in group Griska we believe that technology is a fundamental tool to optimize the processes that providegreater visibility to implement strategies that help in […]

How to successfully attack the Spanish market

Mexico and Spain   The Iberian country has become one of the most important markets for Mexico in recent years, since 2014 Spain has bought more products from our country such as: fossil fuels, machines and mechanical appliances, optical and medical devices, appliances and electrical materials, organic chemicals, fish, crustaceans and molluscs, beverages of all […]

NAFTA and Mexico's Trade Future

NAFTA: The agreement signed between the 3 North American countries (Mexico, the United States and Canada) on 17 December 1992 and which entered into force on 1 January 1994, has been one of the most important trade agreements for Mexico for more than 20 years. NAFTA is a key part of the economic liberalization process […]

Features of TIGIE and LIGIE

THAT IS THE LIGIE AND HOW TO DIFFERENTITE IT FROM THE TIGIE It is important to know the main differences between the LIGIE (General Import and Export Taxes Act) and the TIGIE (General Import and Export Taxes Tariff) within the regulations of foreign trade in our country, and that's why we leave you this article […]

Digitization in International Logistics

Digitalization in Logistics For some years now, the Internet has been shaping itself as the best model for management in the supply chain for different reasons: it is an open, low-cost network that can be used to obtain accurate data or information from the global market and in turn helps to reso to effectively meet […]

Do successful business abroad

In the generality when we talk about business we refer to the relationships created between two or more people with the same goal, and while it is true that the language of business is universal there are several considerations that we must take into account when it comes to communicate with others (especially if they […]

Air freight transport

Transportation plays an important role within the logistics chain, basically in procurement and distribution processes; however, these at the same time are closely related to production processes and, for that reason, transport from the logistics chain cannot be isolated In very competitive markets delivery times are often very strict. Delivering a commodity late or defectively […]

Transporting liquids

Transporting liquids

Transporting liquids  When we talk about the transport of liquids it is important to divide these between bulk and packaged liquids, because this is the variety of options that we have or not to transport them. Today, existing options for transporting liquids in bulk are usually more elaborate and with fewer options. One of the […]

Types and capabilities of cargo aircraft

Now that we have a clearer idea about air freight transport (read more about this here) we will address the issue of existing capabilities and sizes in which it is possible to ship our cargo.   There are 3 types of aircraft where we can ship our goods: passenger planes, exclusive cargo and super transports […]

Types and capabilities of cargo aircraft

Double towing ground service

Double towing ground service Self-transport (land freight service) is among the different modes of transport in Mexico, as it mobilizes about 84% of the overall cargo that is moved by land and 83% of the total foreign trade cargo. It is important to know all the monetary costs that are included within this service (read […]


  Expo Cargo Ninth Edition Expo Carga has already been for nine years a model that seeks the generation of new businesses within the National and International freight and logistics industries bringing together the largest number of exhibitors within these areas, thus allowing them to join forces within an increasingly competitive market that has a […]

A guide to a successful tequila export

With more than 400 liters exported per minute tequila is positioned as one of the favorite drinks with appellation of origin for consumption in 2018. The producing states of this drink (Jalisco, Nayarit, Guanajuato, Michoacán and Tamaulipas) have sought the diversification of the market for the export of the same and today the United States […]

Forwarders in Mexico

Defining the term forwarder in Mexico and the world we could do it in two ways: as a service company and/or as a logistics operations intermediary. A forwarder or better known as freight forwarder functionge as an intermediary between a buyer and seller who contract the transportation and logistics services that are involved to get […]

India: Emerging market for Mexico

While it is true that historically the most important commercial markets for Mexico have been those of North America today the changes to our free trade agreements push us to seek new horizons and show openness to new markets. Data from the Indian embassy announce that relations between India and Mexico have always been close, […]

Anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures

Countervailing and safeguard anti-dumping measures are trade policy instruments, established under the WTO agreement, which are intended to temporarily protect a domestic industry suffering from import damage. WTO agreements lay down basic rules on investigation procedures and the application of rights contained in each country's national legislation. Anti-dumping measures Anti-dumping measures apply only to targeted […]

Griska:Land freight

The definition we can find on the term land freight is broad, because depending on each country we may be referring to something different. While it is true that they all share the same logistics, it is important to define this term within International logistics in Mexico. In Mexico we mean the transport or unit […]

Griska:Land freight

The figure of the Customs Agent in logistics

The customs dispatcher or customs agent is the person empowered to carry out customs clearance of the goods. The term person encompasses the concept of a natural or legal person and by customs clearance we must understand compliance with all customs formalities necessary for goods to be subjecttoed to a customs procedure. It should be […]

How to ensure a successful import

Many of the entrepreneurs undertake in the Import, motivated by the low prices of an input commodity or product abroad. By making your purchases at low prices you will be saved in production costs and also make your product more competitive in the market. Then why don't you start caring? Import is a key activity […]

Isotank Structure

While we have already mentioned the advantage of the use of Isotanks for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous chemical liquids (you can read more of this here) in terms of costs it is also important to know the manageability that they have. The isotankeper container was designed to transport all kinds of liquids, the […]

GRISKA: World's Top Shipping Companies

  Year after year the logistics, economic and commercial world are changing, as a result of globalization, supply chains are also undergoing a process of elongation and increasing complexity, with high pressure on activity indicators as levels of activity punctuality, reliability and flexibility and, at the time, on the costs of logistics processes, in a […]

Quick guide to successful export

There are many variables that we must take into account when talking about international logistics operations; It is not only about sending or receiving products or services but doing so in the most practical, economical and effective way possible. Here's a quick guide where you can help you achieve a successful export.   Market research […]

What are non-tariff regulations?

  Non-tariff or non-tariff barrier regulations are mechanisms used unilaterally and arbitrarily by governments to control and restrict the entry of goods from abroad, in order to protect domestic market. To talk about regulations in the world of foreign logistics is to talk about a number of rules and formalities that we must take into […]


In shipping, one of the most important documents is the BL or Bill of Lading, also known as bill of lading, but what do we understand when we talk about them? The Bill of Lading better known as BL is a document issued by the shipper that accredits the receipt or cargo on board the […]

Export of avocado in Mexico

Mexico main producer of avocado With a historic production of one million 997,629 tons in 2017, Mexico is consolidated as the main avocado generator with presence in markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as in North, Central and South America. Demand for this fruit has increased in 26 countries that include members of the […]

Quote an air freight

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport within International Trade. Due to its speed, the use of cargo aircraft for freight transport is undergoing a noticeable increase in recent years. A speed that justifies the higher cost with respect to other means of transport such as the boat. The calculation of air freight can […]

Quick Guide: Incoterms in International Logistics

Within International Logistics there are several tools that facilitate the exchange of products, The Incoterms are one of the most important since they serve us for the interpretation of commercial terms in a buy/sell contract and that in addition avoid misunderstandings between the parties involved. Incoterms rules are published and updated at least every 10 […]

Transporting hazardous materials in Isotank

Surely we have already heard about the use of this type of container but in the next article we will delve deeper into its specifications and use. The Isotankete was designed to transport all kinds of liquids, the variety of which includes drinking liquids (food category), non-hazardous and hazardous liquids, including corrosive, flammable, toxic and […]

International Logistics Process

As mentioned above, International logistics is composed of a series of activities or processes, which combined and developed in an efficient way, must result in an optimal product or service, delivered to the customer on site and stipulated time. Logistics is an essential part of a company, so for a successful process to design a […]

What is it and how does a flexitank work?

For a couple of years now the use of the flexitan for the transport of liquids is in continuous growth, as it is the safest, most economical and innovative system that maintains the integrity and quality of liquids, without risks of contamination, which can be used for storage or transport of food or industrial liquids […]

Export miras to Canada growing since 2017

According to recently published data Mexican exports grew to Canada by 11% in 2017. The amount reached last February exceeded 11% of what was recorded in February 2017, when Mexican exports reached $2,027 million. The trade balance with Canada remains favorable to Mexico at $1.811 million, which was 28% more than in January ($1,414 million), according […]

Foreign Trade: How to identify competition?

When a company makes the decision to market its products on the international market, it should consider that it will have a greater variety of competition than might exist on the domestic market. This is how products that competed with other equals, similar or substitutes in the domestic market, will face at the international level, […]

The new TPP: 5 key points

The new TPP will be called the Global and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) and includes Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. These are the points that it contemplates: 1. Eliminates tariffs on industrial and agricultural products in a block whose trade totaled $356 billion in […]

The new TPP: 5 key points

The growth of seaports in Mexico

Along its 11,500 km of coastline, Mexico has 117 ports and terminals enabled. 67% of the cargo movement is concentrated in 16 commercial ports, of which the most important are: Manzanillo, Lázaro Cárdenas, Altamira and Veracruz, which operate 96% of the contained load. According to data reported by the General Coordination of Ports and Merchant […]

What is a Broker in Foreign Trade?

This is a value-added service In this complex market, a lack of customer knowledge introduces risk to their purchases.  This is where a broker or broker can help. In other words, it is a broker, money changer or agent that enters into contracts on various goods and properties, without the physical possession of the goods […]