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In the generality when we talk about business we refer to the relationships created between two or more people with the same goal, and while it is true that the language of business is universal there are several considerations that we must take into account when it comes to communicate with others (especially if they belong to a different culture than our own).

Body language, colloquialisms, and intonation of words can be a positive detonator or not for creating good relationships.

To grow a business or company it is necessary to know and / or determine where we want to go, and from that create strategies that fit our goals, Here are some tips on how to achieve it.


Take your business to a new market

Moving to a new market can be the most expensive way in time and money to get into new business possibilities, fortunately there are several ways that make this option easier, from opening branches, creating subsidiaries or joint ventures.

A branch – Helps you replicate your business model in different locations.

A subsidiary – Helps you carry your business model in different places without losing control.

A joint venture, consisting of creating a new company with a local partner sharing ownership of it.

Gives more value to the use of agents

The use of specialized agents is one of the best weapons to achieve successful business in new markets since the agent represents our company using its knowledge of the target market. It is important to make sure that you work with expert agents to help facilitate the communication and operations that are carried out as companies rely on this knowledge to meet the need of each client. 

Griska belongs to two of the world's leading logistics networks (WCA AFFINITY and C5C) responsible for providing a broader view of markets around the world to ensure cutting edge, reliability and competing capabilities with the best costs.

So there you go, let's start doing business.

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