If you are thinking about entering the world of international trade and do not know where we present 5 of the markets that have high export potential; These currently represent a potential opportunity for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that seek to expand beyond national borders, these countries represent a good opportunity.


It is the most populous country in South America and its economy has grown considerably in recent years, has great opportunities in virtually any area known as world power in agriculture, this country is one of the largest information technology (IT) markets in the world. world.


Equipment for processing agricultural products, consumer items, computers and products related to information technology (IT).


The free trade agreements he has signed in recent years have driven him as a whirlwind of trade missions and a growing emphasis on finding new ways to do business with companies, especially in the United States.


Security services and equipment, consulting and transport technologies, information processing services team.


It is an emerging market with a great demand for goods and services. With a young population, 25 years old on average, India has a middle class that by 2025 will have increased tenfold, according to calculations by the US Department of State. The challenges in this market include high rates, diversity of languages ​​and cultures, as well as poor transport infrastructure.


Education services, industrial textiles, food processing and refrigeration equipment, electronics and clean energy equipment and pollution control.


It is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and its population is the fourth largest in the world, half is under 30 years of age and is one of the top 10 agricultural markets in the United States and an emerging democracy that tends to deregulation .

However, the regulatory environment remains intimidating and infrastructure deficiencies can cause business to become expensive.


Products and services related to information technology (IT), financial and banking services, clean energy, as well as education and professional training.


It was the first African country that reached a trade agreement with the United States and is becoming an important player in the North African market. Its geographical position and relatively low cost of labor have made it attractive to European companies, which use it as the center of their African sales and operations.


Renewable energy, water treatment, construction of buildings and prevention and safety equipment.

Here you have it, if you want to start exporting, don’t forget to get advice from the best team to ensure your success.

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