3 marketing strategies that have brought Donald Trump to the presidency

The United States–Finally, there's been a surprise in the U.S. Election, and it's that Donald Trump has become president of the United States. But what has made Trump the presidency? Like every good politician, he has carried out marketing strategies that have been criticized by many but have finally fulfilled their goal. Here are some of the best marketing strategies the Republican has used to beat Hillary Clinton.

  1. Talk about your health
    It is true that Trump does not enjoy an excellent state of health and after a blackout that he used as a political marketing tool, even going to the Doctor Oz program in which he made it clear that he is obese and that fast food , one thing I wanted to achieve was to empathize with most Americans.
  2. Direct attack on the enemy
    On the day before last October's debate, Donald Trump did something unethical but may also have brought him up to the presidency. Trump directly attacked his enemy, Hillary Clinton, and did so at a press conference accompanied by alleged rape victims of Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton.
  3. Great social media strategy
    Donald Trump's political strategy has been very developing on Twitter, which is that, the president of the United States, has made very harsh comments criticizing his opponents. Moreover, what is most striking is that there are millions of users on social media who are against Trump and this has probably become a big place for him.

Source: Merca 2.0

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