Month: February 2019

Export of cars in Mexico

How to export cars from Mexico? For the last couple of years the export of new cars abroad has become one of the most profitable businesses for companies in our country, Mexico is considered a strategic country for the exchange of supplies for its geographical location and market access through the multiple treaties of which […]

How to use one-stop shop?

One-stop shop The transformation in the digital and technological world forces us to be constantly updated, globalization and process automation are now the new realities of same interaction that facilitate, among other things, the new way of doing business. Within international logistics we find reduction of processes and automation of others that facilitate the exchange […]

Marketing service in Mexico

Marketers in Mexico We will start by explaining what the functions of the marketers are and what are within the international logistics and it can be very easy to confuse them with a distributor but their functions and benefits are totally different; The Secretariat of the Economy defines them as foreign trade companies that assist […]

Customs clearance in Mexico

Customs clearance in Mexico Being informed of the processes and documents involved within the logistics of foreign trade always makes us go a step forward such is the case of customs (import or export); And while each country has defined processes and documents, they all share a great similarity. What is customs clearance and what […]