Month: January 2019

Free trade agreements

What is a free trade agreement?   There is a lot of talk about the new agreements that Mexico is once a part of, but we will start by defining that it is a free trade agreement. In general, treaties are trade agreements to expand the market for goods and services among participating countries in […]

Trade promotion programmes in Mexico

In times of globalization the demand for goods and services is growing continuously, which is why the Ministry of Economy in conjunction with the government has developed programs to promote the exchange of goods in Mexico thus helping to reduce costs and processes that help the fluidity of the economy. Trade programs in Mexico Foreign […]

WTO World Trade Organization

WTO World Trade Organization The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the international body responsible for the rules governing trade between countries, its main objective is to ensure that trade is conducted in the most fluid, predictable and free way possible The pillars on which it rests are the WTO Agreements, which have been negotiated and […]

The liquids market in Mexico

The liquids market in Mexico Mexico is today one of the leading exporters of liquids to position itself as the number one exporter of beer worldwide, the largest exporter of alcoholic beverages in Latin America and the sixth in the world, being a country with a variety of drinks with highly sought after designation of […]

Customs regimes in Mexico

In Mexico all import and export operations are subject to certain processes and documentation that legitimize their stay in the national or foreign territory as well as their free transit. Article 90 of the customs law states that "Goods entering or extracted from the national territory may be destined for one of the following customs […]

Customs declaration of goods

What is the customs declaration of goods?   The customs declaration, like any other declaration, is a manifestation of facts and concepts made by a person. A customs declaration may mean the act by which the consignee and/or importer of the goods expresses their wish or intention to give the goods a customs destination provided […]