Month: October 2018

How to export red wine?

I want to export red wine   We know that day-to-day foreign trade is transformed, knowing the provisions of the law both tariff and non-tariff is paramount to successful operations.   Based on the manual that public PROMEXICO on its portal, here we list the steps required for all export and access to new markets. Steps […]


What is household utensils? Houseware is considered to be household utensils that are used exclusively for daily use such as clothing, books, booksellers, works of art or science that do not constitute complete collections for the installation of exhibitions or art galleries, instruments scientists of professionals, tools of workers and craftsmen indispensable for the development […]

Importers' padrón

The Importer's Padrón   In Mexico as in the rest of the world, it is important to have all the requirements according to the obligations under the Law for the entry and exit of products in Mexican territory. The importer sat is one of the main requirements required by the SAT that both natural and […]