Month: September 2018


What is the PACO and PAMA administrative process?   Let's start this article by defining each of the administrative procedures that can be carried out within an international logistics. The first known as PACO (Administrative Process for Skipped Contributions) is the one that does not proceed to the precautionary embargo of goods but to determine […]

The chemical industry in Mexico

CHEMICAL INDUSTRY The Chemical and Petrochemical Industry is characterized by being the sector in which operations for the production of basic raw materials start. These operations conclude with the manufacture of products that are generally used as raw materials for other industries, and even for final consumption. The chemical and petrochemical industry plays a key […]

Certificates of origin

What is the certificate of origin? Certificates of origin are documents issued by the chambers of commerce of the exporting countries, and serve to prove that the outbound goods originate from the nation of origin.   The Ministry of the Economy determines it as the document proving that the exported goods originate from a particular […]

How is the customs value determined?

How is the customs value determined? To determine the value to be paid at customs it is important to know what are the elements that make up it as it is one of the most important values in the importation of goods; It is the starting point for the determination and settlement of foreign trade […]

Functions of a customs broker

Functions of a customs broker

What is a customs agency or customs agent? Within the logistical world (import and export processes) it is necessary to know the main actors and their role in each part of the process, the customs agent is a natural person authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit who serves as one of the […]

How to reduce transportation costs

Day by day, foreign trade is constantly changing using more and more tools that help maximize and efficient import and export logistics. There are many factors that can help cost minimisation, in group Griska we believe that technology is a fundamental tool to optimize the processes that providegreater visibility to implement strategies that help in […]