Month: July 2018

Digitization in International Logistics

Digitalization in Logistics For some years now, the Internet has been shaping itself as the best model for management in the supply chain for different reasons: it is an open, low-cost network that can be used to obtain accurate data or information from the global market and in turn helps to reso to effectively meet […]

Do successful business abroad

In the generality when we talk about business we refer to the relationships created between two or more people with the same goal, and while it is true that the language of business is universal there are several considerations that we must take into account when it comes to communicate with others (especially if they […]

Air freight transport

Transportation plays an important role within the logistics chain, basically in procurement and distribution processes; however, these at the same time are closely related to production processes and, for that reason, transport from the logistics chain cannot be isolated In very competitive markets delivery times are often very strict. Delivering a commodity late or defectively […]

Transporting liquids

Transporting liquids  When we talk about the transport of liquids it is important to divide these between bulk and packaged liquids, because this is the variety of options that we have or not to transport them. Today, existing options for transporting liquids in bulk are usually more elaborate and with fewer options. One of the […]

Transporting liquids

Double towing ground service

Double towing ground service Self-transport (land freight service) is among the different modes of transport in Mexico, as it mobilizes about 84% of the overall cargo that is moved by land and 83% of the total foreign trade cargo. It is important to know all the monetary costs that are included within this service (read […]