Month: June 2018


  Expo Cargo Ninth Edition Expo Carga has already been for nine years a model that seeks the generation of new businesses within the National and International freight and logistics industries bringing together the largest number of exhibitors within these areas, thus allowing them to join forces within an increasingly competitive market that has a […]

A guide to a successful tequila export

With more than 400 liters exported per minute tequila is positioned as one of the favorite drinks with appellation of origin for consumption in 2018. The producing states of this drink (Jalisco, Nayarit, Guanajuato, Michoacán and Tamaulipas) have sought the diversification of the market for the export of the same and today the United States […]

Forwarders in Mexico

Defining the term forwarder in Mexico and the world we could do it in two ways: as a service company and/or as a logistics operations intermediary. A forwarder or better known as freight forwarder functionge as an intermediary between a buyer and seller who contract the transportation and logistics services that are involved to get […]

India: Emerging market for Mexico

While it is true that historically the most important commercial markets for Mexico have been those of North America today the changes to our free trade agreements push us to seek new horizons and show openness to new markets. Data from the Indian embassy announce that relations between India and Mexico have always been close, […]

Anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures

Countervailing and safeguard anti-dumping measures are trade policy instruments, established under the WTO agreement, which are intended to temporarily protect a domestic industry suffering from import damage. WTO agreements lay down basic rules on investigation procedures and the application of rights contained in each country's national legislation. Anti-dumping measures Anti-dumping measures apply only to targeted […]

Griska:Land freight

Griska:Land freight

The definition we can find on the term land freight is broad, because depending on each country we may be referring to something different. While it is true that they all share the same logistics, it is important to define this term within International logistics in Mexico. In Mexico we mean the transport or unit […]

The figure of the Customs Agent in logistics

The customs dispatcher or customs agent is the person empowered to carry out customs clearance of the goods. The term person encompasses the concept of a natural or legal person and by customs clearance we must understand compliance with all customs formalities necessary for goods to be subjecttoed to a customs procedure. It should be […]

How to ensure a successful import

Many of the entrepreneurs undertake in the Import, motivated by the low prices of an input commodity or product abroad. By making your purchases at low prices you will be saved in production costs and also make your product more competitive in the market. Then why don't you start caring? Import is a key activity […]