Month: May 2018

Isotank Structure

While we have already mentioned the advantage of the use of Isotanks for the transport of hazardous and non-hazardous chemical liquids (you can read more of this here) in terms of costs it is also important to know the manageability that they have. The isotankeper container was designed to transport all kinds of liquids, the […]

GRISKA: World's Top Shipping Companies

  Year after year the logistics, economic and commercial world are changing, as a result of globalization, supply chains are also undergoing a process of elongation and increasing complexity, with high pressure on activity indicators as levels of activity punctuality, reliability and flexibility and, at the time, on the costs of logistics processes, in a […]

Quick guide to successful export

There are many variables that we must take into account when talking about international logistics operations; It is not only about sending or receiving products or services but doing so in the most practical, economical and effective way possible. Here's a quick guide where you can help you achieve a successful export.   Market research […]

What are non-tariff regulations?

  Non-tariff or non-tariff barrier regulations are mechanisms used unilaterally and arbitrarily by governments to control and restrict the entry of goods from abroad, in order to protect domestic market. To talk about regulations in the world of foreign logistics is to talk about a number of rules and formalities that we must take into […]


In shipping, one of the most important documents is the BL or Bill of Lading, also known as bill of lading, but what do we understand when we talk about them? The Bill of Lading better known as BL is a document issued by the shipper that accredits the receipt or cargo on board the […]

Export of avocado in Mexico

Mexico main producer of avocado With a historic production of one million 997,629 tons in 2017, Mexico is consolidated as the main avocado generator with presence in markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as in North, Central and South America. Demand for this fruit has increased in 26 countries that include members of the […]

Quote an air freight

Air transport is the fastest mode of transport within International Trade. Due to its speed, the use of cargo aircraft for freight transport is undergoing a noticeable increase in recent years. A speed that justifies the higher cost with respect to other means of transport such as the boat. The calculation of air freight can […]

Quick Guide: Incoterms in International Logistics

Within International Logistics there are several tools that facilitate the exchange of products, The Incoterms are one of the most important since they serve us for the interpretation of commercial terms in a buy/sell contract and that in addition avoid misunderstandings between the parties involved. Incoterms rules are published and updated at least every 10 […]

Transporting hazardous materials in Isotank

Surely we have already heard about the use of this type of container but in the next article we will delve deeper into its specifications and use. The Isotankete was designed to transport all kinds of liquids, the variety of which includes drinking liquids (food category), non-hazardous and hazardous liquids, including corrosive, flammable, toxic and […]