Month: April 2018

International Logistics Process

As mentioned above, International logistics is composed of a series of activities or processes, which combined and developed in an efficient way, must result in an optimal product or service, delivered to the customer on site and stipulated time. Logistics is an essential part of a company, so for a successful process to design a […]

What is it and how does a flexitank work?

For a couple of years now the use of the flexitan for the transport of liquids is in continuous growth, as it is the safest, most economical and innovative system that maintains the integrity and quality of liquids, without risks of contamination, which can be used for storage or transport of food or industrial liquids […]

Export miras to Canada growing since 2017

According to recently published data Mexican exports grew to Canada by 11% in 2017. The amount reached last February exceeded 11% of what was recorded in February 2017, when Mexican exports reached $2,027 million. The trade balance with Canada remains favorable to Mexico at $1.811 million, which was 28% more than in January ($1,414 million), according […]