Month: February 2018

Querétaro, first state in aeronautical imports

Querétaro is the first state, along with Mexico City, in imports from the aeronautical sector with 22.4 million pesos. This places the state as one of the most important in the intentional trade sector and one where different industries have decided to invest.   Queretaro according to the atlas of complexity is the fourth nationwide […]

EXPORTING CARS IN MEXICO a profitable business

Recently the Financier published an article in which he mentioned the importance of the automotive industry in Mexico. That last year alone generated a net foreign exchange income of $70,766 million. The income of dollars from this sector reported annual growth of 12.5%, thus fringing its role as the main driver in the generation of […]

Globalization and logistics: What is the challenge?

Globalized markets have increasingly intense competition rates that open up great possibilities for companies that adapt to this new environment. Globalization implies a level of competitiveness and productivity for which the circumstances of each country strengthen to the fairest extent the local companies that understand this process. If what is required are customer-focused organizations, with […]